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Filip Swennen

Weaponize your web
“Weaponize your Web” combines karate tradition with modern anatomy to explain the ability of the diagonal muscle slings to stretch, recoil and contract to develop power. This knowledge improves all kata, bunkai, self-defense and sports combat techniques.
€29,50 Paperback

Defeat Karate KO True Story within 5 shots! (BUDO-RA BOOKS) / Toho Publishing by Yoshiharu Murai

“It’s cool to defeat with one shot” is old!
“Military method” and “knowledge” that you can protect yourself and win surely

Karate has the ideal of “one-shot deadly”, but you can defeat  it with one shot in the actual battle Attempts often result in misfires. It is important to attack with the feeling of “killing with 5 shots”. For example …

  • Kick the money first
  • Kick the face of the opponent who crouched and lowered his head
  • Pursue and defeat the
  • opponent with a hook 4. Kick the face of the opponent who collapses
  • Step on the foot and stab the end
  • (Note) These 5 shots are powerful independent attacks that can be defeated one by one.

In this book, we will show you all the techniques of bare hands built by Karate practitioner Yoshiharu Murai, who has KOed 1000 people with “bare hands” in actual battles and games in the past. We will explain in detail how to hit an effective shot, such as not only the form but also the angle, timing, attack target, etc. Mr. Murai, who has experienced many battlefields that are difficult in this era, thinks that the fighting method and the way of protecting himself are necessary techniques not only for fighters and martial arts but also for ordinary people. , I posted it without hiding it.

Also, a must-read reading material depicting the half-life of a man named Yoshiharu Murai.

Fighting Karate Martial Arts

Okinawa Karate and Aikido. It was really so strong

You can defeat all “second kills”


Genius Karate House Yoshiharu Murai’s Proven Instant Killing Technique FULL-21 [DVD] / Guidance, Demonstration Yoshiharu Murai

No matter what you do with your bare hands or face! Fighting is a “Kakidameshi” with no rules! Even 

if you have multiple opponents or weapons, you can instantly KO if you make full use of karate technology Yoshiharu Murai, a legendary karate practitioner However, the proven “strongest karate” technology is fully released! 

Part1 Defeat with bare hands 

part2 Grab and hold hands
part3 Defense and counterattack 

part4 Correspondence to throwing and sleeping
part5 vs. multiple technologies 

part6 Correspondence to various attacks

Bloody! Forbidden Karate Duel Match PRO-KARATEDO Master! Omnibus / Supervision Yoshiharu Murai

Karate practitioners fight with bare hands
A shocking battle that no one has ever seen begins

Karate practitioner Yoshiharu Murai, who KOed 1000 people with bare hands, demonstrated technical analysis

Recording content (recording time 120 minutes)

  • Master I August 28, 2011 Sumiyoshi Kumin Center Large Hall
  • Guru II August 5, 2012 Asahi Ward Citizens Center Large Hall
  • Guru III March 17, 2013 Asahi Ward Citizens Center Large Hall
  • Master IV August 31, 2014 Azeria Taisho Hall

Yoshiharu Murai “Master!” Summary and technical analysis

 ・ Financial kick

 ・ Grab technique

 ・ Blow with stalemate

 ・ How to poke with bare hands

 ・ Extreme thrust

 ・ The main points of training

Karate public blood fight CHAOS MADMAX

Public duel! Karate VS Martial Arts CHAOS MADMAX Ⅲ